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Novartis is committed to ensuring you have the information you need for you and your eye doctor to make the best treatment decision for you. We know cost is an important consideration and drug pricing can be complex.

The list price for Xiidra is $522.21 for a 30-day prescription.*

Depending on your insurance coverage, you typically do not pay the list price. The actual price you would pay is based on several factors, including your insurance coverage, your insurance plan's deductible and benefit reset, which pharmacy you use, copay, coinsurance, etc.

With the Xiidra iinsider® card, most commercially insured patients pay as little as $5 per 30-day prescription.

To find out the specific cost to you, please talk to your pharmacist or call your insurance company.

You could pay:

as little as

Five Dollar

for a 30-day prescription

Full list price:


per 30-day prescription

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*As of 4/15/2019.

Eligible patients will pay as little as $5 for each 30-day prescription with up to $250 savings on their out-of-pocket costs for Xiidra. Eligible patients with a 90-day prescription will pay as little as $15 with up to $750 savings on their out-of-pocket costs for Xiidra. The actual savings on out-of-pocket costs for Xiidra will vary according to personal healthcare insurance coverage. Program subject to change. Not available under federal or state programs. See Xiidra iinsider® card for full details and restrictions.